Why do customers choose you? How strong is your brand? Which criteria really play a role in purchasing?

Know what scores

Your salesmen know better than anyone how to deal with customers and why they choose you. Is it about your product or service, your reliability as a party, your reputation and craftsmanship, is it the price, or is it your personal relationship? Your salesperson will tell you the main points.

We’re going a little deeper

And that is fine once someone has already become a customer. In the interviews we hold with clients, we often receive unexpected answers to this question. That has everything to do with the customer’s experience, how he or she orientates, collects information and makes choices. But also how the trade-off between investing and purchasing went. What played along? Why were you not only on the long list but also on the short list? Why did you ultimately become the preferred party?

Practical check

While your marketers and communication team have come up with the ideal mix of brand and unique selling points and your position claim , it is actually strange that we don’t testing in practice? Sounds a bit like one-way thinking and then see that it works. That is why Good2Consult does “Proposition Validation”. A difficult word for just asking yourself why and how the customer chose you.

We do that with existing customers who have already purchased from you. We keep asking questions carefully and observe which of your arguments do and do not occur and which are the deciding factors for them. From the first impression of your website and quotation up to and including contract extension and loyalty to your organization.

With these insights you know what you are actually selling on and why your customer chooses you. You can also see which parts of your proposition do not really have an effect on the purchase or perception of your brand.

ask the customer
Clear insight into the actual customer choices – ask the customer

Optimize website

Good2Consult has already helped various customers improve their website. We do that strictly from the experience of a potential new customer. For example, by going through your website with test subjects, giving them assignments, observing click and search behavior and then doing a debriefing. Simple and effective. By looking through the eyes of someone else you get many practical recommendations about what should be easier or clearer on the site, and what impression one has of your organization. You can start using it immediately. A good addition to the work of your marketing team and website designers.

The ideal combination

What we do here with these customer interviews and website reviews is actually the ideal combination to check your proposition. Because in the search and orientation phase a lot depends on being able to find quickly and the first on-line impression, your website is very important. Via the customer interviews you also get a good understanding of what information should be available in the sales cycle, when and how, to help and convince the customer. And as a bonus, you receive statements from your customers with which they tell others how well they have helped you.

Good2Consult makes clear why customers choose you
Good2Consult makes clear why customers choose you

Good2Consult listens – inspires – helps

What can you expect from us at Proposition and Website check

  • Discuss the current proposition and first impression with you
  • Prepare customer interviews
  • Interviews with customers
  • Customer experience and choices are clear
  • Proposition advice
  • Option: Website check
    • Panel observation
    • Reporting
  • Discuss and review adjustments


What is the result and what can you do with it

  • Clear insight into the real customer choices
  • Know which elements are the most important in your communication
  • More effect of your website and better first impression
  • Prospects receive the correct information for their purchasing process
  • Higher conversion in your sales and marketing funnel
  • Stronger brand identity and brand experience
  • Higher customer loyalty

With this advice you strengthen your marketing and sales. As a follow-up to the improved proposition, Good2Consult can perform a customer journey survey for you. You can see in detail how the new customers experience your service and what suggestions they have from your own experience for you to increase customer satisfaction.

We would be happy to make a plan of action tailored to your organization, in which these elements are reflected.
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