Scaling your business

How do you grow your business and at the same time offer your customer a great experience, whilst maintaining your profitability?

Growth – While growing a business there is a constant need to add features to the product and to be more efficient: handling more volume in less time. As success leads to more diverse products and customers, the number of sales calls and service calls grows. The question then is: do we expand our team at the same pace and how do we manage the complexity?
Customer Experience – As the customer base grows and becomes more diverse, customers still expect a personal touch and prompt service to do business. Which digital technologies would help best to stay close to customers and provide a great experience?
Profitability – Many organisations have structured their sales and service activities based on a fixed team capacity. This capacity is budgeted against commercial and cost targets to remain profitable. In order to sell into a local or regional market they anticipate on how many staff they need to move product or handle service calls. How do we know we have right sized the team and created a workflow to guarantee a good sales and service delivery?

The key solutions to sustain the growth of these type of organisations are:

  • Focus on customer experience and design products, services and experiences that appeal to customers and for which they are wiling to pay. A happy customer is your ambassador and more likely to come back for repeat business.
  • Streamlining processes to reduce waste, become more lean and as a result optimise cycle times, and lower the cost per activity. This will allow them to deliver and serve on time, and grow business whilst leveraging scale effects.
  • Identifying operational activities which can be outsourced to commercial, logistics or IT partners. This helps to obtain scale, market reach and expertise, and at the same time avoids capital allocation to Channel Sales, Production, Warehousing or IT.

Companies should be aware of the above key patterns – act upon and balance them when planning for growth.
If ignored, or the focus is on one aspect only, this may impact customer satisfaction negatively:

  • If your activities are not scalable enough you may not be able to deliver on time or the quality may not be sufficient against the demand.
  • If your internal processes are made efficient but not personalised or aligned with what your customers expect, you may loose repeat business or reputation in online reviews.
  • If your processes contain inefficiencies, you likely need more staff to run your business than needed and the risk of execution errors is higher than you would want.

Instead of applying these solutions in isolation only, we recommend to investigate if combinations can be made to obtain even better results.
Leveraging the expertise from your team, your customers and partners will make the solutions even better.
A collaborative and agile approach will help identify the real opportunities and greatly reduce risk in design, execution and delivery.