Customer Focus – what does that bring us?

We sometimes get the question, “Yes, that nice customer experience guys, but we have been doing fine without it for years. What does that actually give us?”

First of all, we believe that you should believe in customer focus. A ‘little customer oriented’ does not work. What does work is to make a clear choice. And with your team in all decisions take into account what the customer benefits from .

Once you do that, you will experience that more customer value certainly delivers something!

1 – An offer that fits well with what the customer is looking for

By specifically asking and hearing what customers are looking for, you can focus your products and services on what is needed. And those needs change over time. You change too, right?

2 – The customer feels heard and helped well

If you focus your attention on your customer when he contacts you, you immediately notice that in his or her response. Nobody wants to be ignored if you ask something right?

3 – More utility & value for customers, better margins

If you buy or order something that is exactly what you are looking for then you have something for it. The better it fits what you want to do with it, the clearer it is of value to you. And then the price is less important.

4 – Discover new services and products together

The more you are open and in conversation with your client, the more you hear what you can respond to. And then it is often not at all strange to ask if you could do more for each other. Products or services often deliver more if you develop them together.

5 – More satisfaction with your team, fewer islands

By putting the customer first, all ears and eyes go that way when things are right. That also helps to look beyond the boundaries of your own department and make something beautiful with your colleague!