Customer experience – workshop for business owners

How are you really going to ensure that you put customers first in your company? How do you find out what customers think of you and your company? What are you going to do to add value?

On 11 October, Bas van den Biggelaar and Marc Vos showed 30 entrepreneurs from Heeze why customer experience and the customer journey are important, and how you can improve customer loyalty. In this workshop the theory and practice were put next to each other.

As an entrepreneur you have daily contact with customers. By listening to customers, and mapping the customer journey and needs, you can quickly implement improvements that help customers. This ensures good customer satisfaction and increases the lead on your competitor.

After explaining how to use a customer journey and persona and some appealing examples, the 30 participants started with a group assignment. Experiences and tips were exchanged, such as how you can prevent customer failures in a smart way, or how you deal with complaints. Cooperation with suppliers and transporters also emerged. When delivering packages to customers, things may go wrong, and then you have to solve it quickly and well. But also improvisation and playing in the spotlight in an original way to acquire new customers were discussed.

The evening with a nice drink in the bar of Hotel Kapellerput. Many thanks to Silvester Kool and Rik Hüsken from the IDHL entrepreneurs association for facilitating this inspiration workshop.