We have developed a method to calculate quickly and easily the savings of a community worker team against your professional care budget. We call this Prevention Calculator

Prevention pays for it self, show the results !

Do you know what cost savings you make by having your neighbourhood coaches and youth workers be present in the community? How do you measure that? What is a simple but good way to do that?

Prevention pays-off
Prevention pays for itself, show the results

Effects of prevention

This is the term we use how we help you understand and calculate the savings you make on professional care budget. By having your social coaches and youth workers in place to assist citizens and youth with questions, initiatives and support.

Read more about this on Sturenopzorg.nl (Dutch) www.SturenOpZorg.nl

Tip: In addition it is recommended to perform customer journey research. We will help you to understand the customer experience of your clients to help improve your processes.

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What you can expect from Prevention Calculator

  • Clear and concise report that tells you what the team does and means for your citizens
  • A clear and well made calculation of the annual costs you avoid for professional care and other public expenses
  • Real life examples you can use in your communication
  • See the potential of more activities or where to focus on
  • Understand the options to register the savings in your systems


What is the result and what can you do with it

  • A clear and insightful way to review new budgets and current performance between partners
  • Based on real life cases
  • 2 unique factors taken in account for a better and realistic estimation of the effects
  • Easy to use – workers see by themselves the savings they create
  • One-time research or use as continuous registration and reporting
  • Easy to do in daily practice – 5-10 minutes work per case
An effective and unique way to calculate savings on professional care costs

Our method

A research project typically consists of the following items. Depending on your demands we adjust the approach.

Part 1:

  • Preparation and plan of approach
  • Interview team workers about their activities and the positive impact for the citizens
  • Report and discuss the outcome of the interviews

Part 2:

  • Modelling and use of Prevention Calculator
  • Support cases creation and analysis
  • Review and calculate results
  • Requirements for enhanced registration
  • Investment model for new activities and projects
  • Report and workshop

Tip: Train your team

For larger organisations we are happy to train your own staff to do this research. Read more on our special theme website (Dutch) www.SturenOpZorg.nl