You have decided to work on customer satisfaction in your organization. But how do you do that?

Make customer satisfaction work

Do you know where the cause is and how it can be improved? Often a working method arose in practice and was conceived from within. If your customers say it needs to be improved, then do not improve but really improve.

Where to improve?

It is important to first have a joint picture of how things are going and what can be improved. You will not get a successful improvement without it. We help you uncover the facts with your colleagues in a few simple steps. The support starts by first going through the process and the customer journey together. This gives you a quick insight into where the bottlenecks are and what effect they have on customer satisfaction. With those insights you can decide what the next steps will be.

Improving customer satisfaction is not a matter of course, so prevent good initiatives from getting bogged down in the organization. Provide support and insight by agreeing together that things can and should be done differently.

process design
Go through the process and the customer journey together

Good2Consult listens – inspires – helps

What can you expect from us at Insight in Improvement

  • Make reason and purpose concrete
  • Workshop process and customer journey
  • Workshop bottlenecks and improvement potential
  • Summarize improvement potential and priorities


What is the result and what can you do with it

  • Quick insight into bottlenecks and consequences for customer satisfaction
  • Getting clear what really needs to be changed
  • Joint impression instead of many opinions
  • You gain support for improvement
With Good2Consult you get a quick and good view of improvement

Our method

Step 1: Make the reason and purpose specific

Good2Consult will show how to clearly describe the signals from customers and your own organization. We discuss the risks and effects thereof. In this way, the reason and where you want to go in a concrete picture.

Step 2: Workshop process and customer journey

In an afternoon, our consultants walk through your entire process with your team and we identify where the customer contact moments are. We do this consciously so that there is a good discussion about what happens in practice. It also becomes clear where potential bottlenecks are and why.

Step 3: Workshop bottlenecks and improvement potential

In a follow-up session we discuss the aforementioned bottlenecks and their consequences for the customer with your team. We also discuss what it means for the customer. What the customer thinks and why. Together we estimate which improvements contribute the most to customer satisfaction, revenue and costs. Additional criteria may be used depending on your business strategy.

Step 4: Summarize improvement potential and priorities

Good2Consult summarizes the results and insights of the workshops in a clear presentation or report. We indicate where the bottlenecks and the improvement potential lie. This allows you to decide in your management team which improvements will be given priority. Most of it is already in the minds of your team because they have participated in the workshops.

Tip: Talk to the customer

As a next step, we recommend that you perform Customer Journey Interviews with Good2Consult. This gives you a good idea of ​​how customers really experience your service. What they encounter and what their suggestions for improvement are and why.