You see it is time to work on customer focus in your organization. If the regulations, internal processes or that one big project or department are more important than properly connecting with customer needs and customer satisfaction, then you know that there is work to be done.

Everything starts with attention to the customer

We all know the contradictions between marketing and sales, front and back office, or operations and purchasing. What are we doing about it? Let them make clear to each other what they stand for and how they can work together better. And then the question immediately arises where does the customer stand in all this?

So it’s time to pay attention to the future of your organization’s continued success:

  • Satisfied customers
  • Employees who feel heard
  • Partners who contribute to customer value

And that within the possibilities and frameworks that you determine. Whether you optimize your process with lean, or you want to grow and develop new services, or you want to inspire employees to get more satisfaction out of their work: Customer focus and customer value provide direction and support for a significant improvement in the result.

Are you saying that you do everything for the customer and that the customer is central? Then ask yourself these questions:

  • What does that show in practice?
  • How do your customers and employees notice that they are very important to you?
  • What have you done about this in the past year?

First of all, we believe that you should believe in customer focus. A “customer-oriented” does not work. What does work is making a clear choice for the customer. And with your team to take into account what the customer benefits from all decisions. Once you do that, you will experience that more customer value certainly delivers something!

Customer feels heard
A satisfied customer feels heard

From intention to action

Good2Consult therefore helps you to go from intention to action. To express who you want to be for your customer, to make it clear what that is then, and by putting this into practice with your employees. Your own team is something that you can directly influence and can start to work in a customer-oriented way. Share the challenge to mean more to the customer and to look beyond the boundaries of your own department. By putting the customer first, clarifying the needs and bottlenecks that the customer experiences, all ears and eyes will open and you can reinforce each other.

Change and behavior

Give your colleagues time to get used to it and shape it. By giving more insight and practically getting started, they become increasingly customer-oriented in thinking and doing. As a donkey bridge you can use these variants of behavior:

  • Internally focused , in terms of thinking and doing, internal agreements are paramount
  • Customer aware, what we do, we also do for the customer (as we fill it in ourselves)
  • Customer insight , I take into account what I hear from customers and respond to that
  • Customer-oriented , I focus on what the customer needs and how we as a team give substance to this, and ask for the result from the customer

Involve partners

In addition, you may already have some partners in mind that have a significant impact on your service to the customer. Think of semi-finished products, ingredients or accessories, online services, or the packaging and logistics surrounding your product. In a second phase, it is often advisable to let one or more of those partners participate in optimization for your customers.

Good2Consult listens – inspires – helps

What can you expect from us at Enlarge Customer Focus

  • Make reason and purpose concrete
  • Self-assessment and clarification for employees
  • Get started with 5 simple techniques
  • Solving bottlenecks with each other
  • See that it works and reinforce each other
  • Anchoring and passing on


What is the result and what can you do with it

  • An offer that fits well with what the customer is looking for
  • The customer feels heard and helped well
  • More utility & value for customers, better margins for you
  • Discover new services and products together
  • More satisfaction with your team, fewer islands
Customer focus is about seeing more than the mirror in which you look
Customer focus is about seeing more than the mirror in which you look

Our method

Step 1: Make the reason and purpose specific

Good2Consult will talk to you to clearly describe the signals from customers and your own organization. We discuss the risks and effects thereof and your ambitions. In this way, the reason and where you want to go in a concrete picture. Good2Consult makes a work plan in which activities are clearly worked out and you can follow the progress.

Step 2: Self-assessment and clarification for employees

Good2Consult helps teams with a short questionnaire to gain insight into where the employee stands on various aspects of customer focus. In addition, we also provide suggestions that you can use to deal with customers more consciously. We make clear what customer focus is and what it means in practice with some appealing examples and exercises.

Step 3: Get started with 5 simple techniques

Each team receives a number of simple techniques from Good2Consult that can be applied every day: to make better decisions together, to maintain customer focus, to request customer feedback and to encourage exemplary behavior. Very practical, doing is learning and you can start tomorrow. In addition, we will look at how we can facilitate cooperation with your organization for customers with simple steps.

Step 4: Solving problems with each other

There are things that customers think every day – can’t they do that a little easier? Sometimes they are simple things that save time, can be made more logical and easier. By continuously making business with your organization easier, you improve customer satisfaction. Good2Consult helps your team to make a list of 10 topics that irritate your client and / or your own team. We challenge them to solve this piece by piece. And we help to break that internal wall if necessary.

Option: Good2Consult can also help your organization by conducting customer journey surveys . This way you have a clearer picture of how the customer feels about your services and where the points for improvement lie.

Step 5: See that it works and reinforce each other

Good examples are the best way to show your team the desired behavior. Good2Consult helps you to give the employees who do an excellent job the credits for this. They can each time appoint a next colleague who will be put in the positive spotlights and may explain what he or she has improved for the customer. You can strengthen ideas with each other. And so we learn that it is okay for someone else to make your idea even better.

Step 6: Anchoring and passing on

By listening, thinking and acting differently, your team has taken good steps towards customer-oriented working. Good2Consult discusses with you how this can best be guaranteed in the working method of your organization. We do that clearly and purposefully so that you can do something with it. Special attention is also paid to passing on to new employees, so that they too quickly learn what customer-oriented behavior is and can contribute to customer satisfaction.

The change becomes visible

After following this approach you have actually started to work in a more customer-oriented way. You see the first initiatives and hear the reactions of customers to the improvements. You notice that in every consultation attention is also paid to what customers have said, and that employees are here putting your attention to questions and improvements. Nurture this behavior and motivate your team to make it easier and more fun to do business. You are also in conversation with your suppliers to implement improvements that will make your customers happy.