You receive signals that the service does not meet customer needs? You wonder what the current customer experience is and what could be improved for your customers? Your management expects higher customer satisfaction?

In that case, use customer journeys as a valuable source of information. Why does the customer choose you, and what does your service or product mean for the customer? What is going well and what could be better in your services? The picture is only complete when you have heard the customer.

Ask the customer

You may see this as research for the marketing department. We at Good2Consult see this more broadly: as the core of doing business with your organization – every day. That is why more and more entrepreneurs and governments are using customer journey research. In this way you hear and see how the customer searches, comes into contact, makes a transaction and experiences the result, and shares his or her opinion with others! Did you know that more than half of the people first check the experiences of others, before the first contact with your organization?

Good2Consult gives color to the customer

We don’t use NPS

Good2Consult believes that online surveys do not always give the right picture to know how things can be improved. That is why we do not measure NPS scores, but we start a conversation with your customers. From person to person and that is often highly valued.
We would like to take you on these conversations to hear the story firsthand. In a structured interview, the customer gets all the attention and shares experiences. This gives Good2Consult a good and in-depth picture of the facts, steps, emotions, motivation and bottlenecks in the interaction with your organization. We also ask why and how your product or service helps the customer. Often, 8-10 of these customer journey interviews are enough to get a good understanding of what the customers are experiencing.

Share and experience

We work out the interviews in customer journeys and customer types (persona). These are overviews that provide much insight. In a workshop with your team, everyone will have the opportunity to read and discuss this and thereby gain a better understanding of what the client does and experiences. And to crawl into the customer’s skin.

Get started with the insights

We often do this customer journey research at the start of an improvement process. Your project team then gets better starting points to determine what the solution must meet. We determine these design criteria together in a workshop. We also record why these topics are important to the customer.

Extra point of attention is to determine at what time you really want to make a difference for the customer. For example, by exceeding the customer expectation in that step, and at which moments a proper handling is sufficient. That gives direction in the design of solutions to get an even better result in the customer experience.

Good2Consult listens – inspires – helps

What can you expect from us in customer journey research

  • Make reason and purpose concrete
  • Prepare questionnaire and interviews
  • Conducting interviews with customers
  • Visualize customer journeys and persona
  • Workshop: Insight into customer journey and persona
  • Summarize design criteria


What is the result and what can you do with it

  • Clear insight into actual customer experience
  • Hear what goes well and what could be better
  • Joint impression instead of many opinions
  • Clarity where to improve the customer journey
  • Insight into where you can make a difference (wow effect)
  • You gain support for change

Our method

Step 1: Make reason and purpose concrete

Good2Consult will talk to you to clearly describe the signals from customers and your own organization. We discuss the risks and effects thereof. In this way, the reason and where you want to go in a concrete picture. Good2Consult makes a work plan in which activities are clearly worked out and you can follow the progress.

Step 2: Prepare questionnaire and interviews

Good2Consult makes a draft questionnaire and together we make the final version. Tailored to your wishes and questions. You select a representative selection of customers and approach them for the interview that we are going to conduct.

Step 3: Conducting interviews with customers

Good2Consult conducts customer interviews. We think it’s great if you are present during the interviews. You can also choose not to do that on purpose. We make a comprehensive report of every conversation.

Step 4: Display customer journeys and persona

Good2Consult starts with the interview results. These are processed in Customer Journeys and Persona. The customer journeys help you to see for each phase in the customer journey how communication is going, where bottlenecks and questions arise and what the emotional experience is like. What is clear and what is unclear about it. We also provide insight into why your organization has been chosen, and to what extent the original customer demand has been resolved. We clearly indicate what goes well and where the most important areas for improvement lie and why.

Step 5: Workshop Insight into customer journey and persona

The most important thing is that your team empathizes with how the customer experiences it. That is why we consciously spend time with them on deepening the answers and signals from the customer. By reading and discussing customer journeys and persona together, we ensure the widest possible insight into your team. And we discuss what the priorities are and what the solutions will soon have to meet.

Step 6: Summarize design criteria

Good2Consult summarizes the results and insights of the research and the workshop in a clear presentation or short report. We indicate where the bottlenecks and improvement potential lie and what the design criteria are. This allows you to decide in your management team which improvements will be given priority. Most of it is now in your team’s mind because they have gained insight and participated in the workshop.

The customer survey has been completed with these results. You now know clearly what your customers are experiencing, what their needs are and you are now ready for the next step: carrying out the idea phase – a brainstorming session that yields good ideas. You elaborate it further and argue for it to come to a choice.

Improve with customer value

You now know where the customer value is and how you want to strengthen it even more. You will now design your new or improved process and, if possible, test and refine it. Good2Consult is also happy to help you with this.