Customer Experience Consultants

Good2Consult specializes in consultancy and projects in the field of Marketing, Sales and Customer Service and is based in the Netherlands. Our consultants have extensive experience in how you successfully implement change processes in this area. We have a coaching role. Do not expect powerpoints or thick reports from us, we coach your team with an eye for a lasting result.

We have experience in the field of marketing, innovation, program management, improvement programs, training and team inspiration.

Get ready for your next generation customer !

Marc Vos en Bas van den Biggelaar
Marc Vos – Bas van den Biggelaar

Every organization consists of people. And together we make beautiful products every day and deliver services that other people like to use. We set up the work in such a way that systems and working arrangements allow our teams to perform optimally: Time, money, promotion, quality, sustainability and safety are a decisive factor in this, and much needs to be measured and satisfied in order to produce a good product.

But the art of doing business is also to inspire each other every day. And with the necessary creativity to respond to the unpredictability of customer demand. I would like to challenge you: Let’s get together with your team and your customers and make that great customer experience happen !

Marc Vos

Customers and employees have always been my focal point during my career. I am convinced that if you consistently take the interests of customers into account in your decisions, a much more sustainable business will arise. Unfortunately, many companies and managers are looking at short-term results.

My drive is to have Good2Consult let you understand this, by first taking a small step back, after which 2 big steps forward can be made. Be in the lead against your competitors. Let’s build an organization where employees are proud and can really make the difference for their customers.

Bas van den Biggelaar

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